Incredible Tree Houses

Check out this treehouse in Florence, Itlay.  I love the use of space.  Being a New Yorker for the past ten years, I have become totally pre-occupied with getting the most out of a small space.  I'm also intrigued by any building that incorporates nearby trees.  I'm deprived of nature!!  Anyway, check out the floor plan.  








Also, check out this link.


IT'S A TREE HOTEL IN SWEDEN.  They have multiple tree house units which you can rent hotel style for the night.  They were designed by leading Scandinavian architects.  Did I mention there is a tree sauna that fits up to 12 people?  This is inspiring me to create a tree house room in my soon-to-be-realized inn located in Saugerties NY.  So incredible.  Ugh.  My favorite one is the house that looks like a mirrored box floating in the trees.  Do tree houses get cooler than that?  I dunno.  My older brother built this suite of three tree houses when I was a kid.  Two of them were linked with a draw bridge.  One of them was three stories high.  It's a toss up for me.  Ultimately, the floating glass box is more comfortable, that's for sure.  haha.  Enjoy your newfound desire for a modernist tree house!!