Vertical Modular Indoor Garden


I went to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden today and was surprised to find something in their new welcome center that I would consider installing in my own home—vertical hydroponic planters by Danielle Trofe Design.  While both mid century modern furniture and indoor gardening have each become seriously popular within the past five years, I find this design to be a successful marriage of the two.  These futuristic pods hold small succulent gardens, sustained by a watering system contained within the vertical part of the structure.  So cool.  This particular set of indoor hydroponic planters seems to have been designed specifically for the large commercial space of the Garden's welcome center, reaching about 15 feet from floor to ceiling.  A smaller version can be purchased for the home.  See the bottom pic from the designer's site.  Imagine this piece paired with a luxurious mid century couch or chair and coffee table.  That's it, I've convinced myself to get one.