Here I am among the doorknobs at Zaborski Emporium in Kingston, NY. Would that I were a junkyard dog.

Here I am among the doorknobs at Zaborski Emporium in Kingston, NY. Would that I were a junkyard dog.

I'm from the east coast and originally received my education in music. I did a three year stint at Hampshire College from 2000-2003 and finally obtained a degree in jazz voice from The New School for Jazz in 2007. I began my interior design education in 2003, at the proverbial School of Life, when I moved to my first and second loft apartments in Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY. Uncomfortable with the open floor plans, I felt compelled to create walls, and found myself constantly preoccupied with the shaping of my living environments. I bought my first property in New York City at the end of my second year there, and took myself to task with a complete kitchen renovation. Shortly thereafter, I became a landlady, moving on to purchase and restore every square inch of a three story brownstone in Bushwick, Brooklyn over the course of six years. This included the gut-renovation design and construction of two kitchens, three bathrooms, and loads of restoration to Victorian woodwork and architectural elements. 

It was at the end of this intensive learning experience in interior design when I realized I was perhaps better suited for a career in interior design than I was for a career in music. I began working on my friends' apartments until I developed Thistle Beauregarde LLC in 2012, and started getting paid for my work. I currently live part time between Manhattan and Saugerties, NY, where I bought and renovated my own inn, called Blue, during the summer of 2014. 

My mission is to have the most fun with my clients while helping them get exactly what they want from their interiors. My job is especially rewarding at the end, when my clients tell me their lives have changed for the better due to their new environments. Their gratitude and relief are palpable. Knowing that I have helped to make their daily lives easier and more pleasant motivates me to continue in this profession. To read some of their reviews, please visit the review section on my profile.

If you want to read more about how great I am, here is a piece that editor Andrew Stone wrote for me. He interviews designers and architects for a regular column on

Thistle and the Daring Delicacy of Design

Wit and comfort, commingling. Artistry and order in unison. True balance within a space is a rare achievement, yet interior designer Thistle marries the dictates of form and function, from an artist’s perspective. Through this lens, she brings forth the potential of any private room or public space. Celebrating distinctions. Creating approachable, luxurious living. Building layers of logic and function.

Thistle, a proud “attracter of extremely cool things,” has the preternatural ability to locate one-of-a-kind and wonderful design items—furniture, fabrics, artwork, and sophisticated home accessories. She becomes intimately aware of her clients’ tastes and loves, then dedicates herself to meeting and transcending their expectations. Be it a 1960's kitsch kitchen, an Art Deco-inspired sitting room, an ultramodern boutique, or an Industrial Era-esque “man cave,” Thistle syncs with her clients’ tastes then embarks on the execution of an elevated, beautifully functioning end result.

Gone are the days when we wanted to meet the standards of other people—in our homes, careers, companies, relationships, lives. We all want the spaces we inhabit to flow beautifully, to be comfortable and elegant, and to make sense… yet authenticity is where we’re going as a society. What makes a space your space? Authenticity is what Thistle does.

   Andrew Stone